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Saturday, October 13, 2012

In Honor of the Turkey

Feather Rishi continues to spread its wings. I've discovered new ways to use it and new ways to implement the technique. My first licensee is launching this fall. I'm looking for new manufacturers and designers who might want to use my art in their lines.

40"x40" 16mm Silk Twill

As we come into the holiday season, many of us find our thoughts turning to times spent with family and friends. Cooking is a big thing at this time of year.

I was taught how to cook at my mother's elbow. She was better than average and I learned everything she knew and went on to try things she never dared. Eventually I became a professional cook. I was barely out of my teens and got a job in Keith's San Francisco House Restaurant. That "qualified" me for the job of chef at Maharishi International University in La Antilla, Spain.
Like you, I've been roasting turkeys all my life. I used to have a big ego about just about everything, so I thought I knew it all about turkeys. It didn't dismay me when I heard about fried turkeys, although it should have sent me some signals I was not the big know it all I thought I was.

I went back to school recently. One of the biggest lessons I totally learned was that I was not actually the big know it all. In fact I learned there was much to learn and now I have a healthy respect for my late education and growth. So, this week, when I started to roast that 15-pounder, I decided to see what trusty old Irma Rombauer had to say about roasting a turkey.

Almost everything I read was familiar but what about the part describing how to put the bird in the pan? She taught me if it's roasted breast up, the breast will cook before the thighs and deeper places in the bird, thus dry out. She said to either roast back up or on its side. I tried the side method, roasting 1 1/2 hours before flipping on the other side. This looked very unnatural but I have faith in the Joy of Cooking. After the other 1 1/2 hours, the breast got turned up for 30 minutes to brown and it was the most moist and best texture of any I've ever done.
My mother was so proud of me. When I returned from Spain, where I got to feed natural food to over a thousand meditators, I astonished her with tales of how I ordered shovels for spoons to turn the contents of the huge pots. I wonder what became of my friends in that kitchen? We had such great holidays together.
I hope this finds you well and in the best of health. Enjoy your holidays with friends and family. Wishing you all the best.
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