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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Egg Man

"Feather Chart"

Am I the Egg Man?

As a child, I found eggs interesting. Break them and inside you find a white smudge of imperfection. Funny how you later discover that to be the key to most life. Easter eggs were curious traditions to me, but Fun. I loved making and hiding them. For all eggs' perfect form and density they are one of the stunning creations of a God who is an artist or perhaps one of evolution's greatest gifts.

Inside potential is how we start in life. It takes a long time for the formation and the destruction of the outside as we evolve through life's changes. The inside potential of an egg is awesome. The human egg contains half the miraculous stuff and explodes with possibilities when inseminated.

A reptile's or a bird's egg is also filled with potential. So close in form, shape and sometimes even appearance, these evolutionary cousins yield such different results. Take the egg of a bird. Nearly every one of them contains the genetic material to make feathers. Divinely inspired they come in every color, shape and texture. Unique among animals, birds are the carriers of this fine frock. Like snowflakes, no two feathers are exactly alike.

Discovering feathers for my art took a third party to intervene. I had the feather collection going. I would gather the molted feathers from my companion birds already. I tried photographing them. Not an easy task, I was fortunately in college studying photography and graphic design. Class projects require supplies so I turned to my feather collection. It took a couple years to find my style but when I did my professors said I was ready.

Now, I put feathers on everything. I have the bug. You're going to see plates, dishes, picture frames, puzzles, stationary, art posters and canvasses, apparel (like the scarf above) or even silliness like the pumpkin below.

I may not be the egg man, but I'm definitely the feather man.

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