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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It Sends Me

What fun it is to hear one of my works of art has brought joy to another owner. Starting out as an artist provides a unique perspective on the world, lonely and fearful. Your mind could reel  with worry that nobody will like your work. I search for a gallery that wants to take a chance on large, one of a kind, feather rishi works.
 This work, for instance, "Amethyst Pheasant - Peacock Pheasant Rosette" started with a single feather. I played in Photoshop for many hours experimenting, stringing feather to feather to create this effect. You can buy prints on Fine Art America (dot) com.

The Lacy Wyandotte feather you see above was molted one fine summer day. At the time I only had the vision to save it in the freezer to kill any pests, to wash and carefully dry it. Years later I would photograph it with a Nikon D80 and  Nikkor macro lens.

I also used single feathers to make postage.
0101White Peacock Back Postage
0101White Peacock Back Postage by LewisMarkGrimes
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Introduced in $.46 denominations, please choose from up to 24 different plumes and a dozen different prices including priority mail. I work exhaustively with the chosen feather in Photoshop. Each feather is art. Where would you find a more beautiful picture of your favorite pheasant, peafowl or rare feathers?
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