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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

White Peacock Flurry

My love of nature derives from my childhood in Alaska which came to a jarring close when I moved at fifteen to Las Vegas. There I cut my chops as a busboy, a writer and editor. My only qualifications were a childhood spent as the extra secretary in my parents' import export business. I fell in love with more than the landscape. Tying lures for fly fishing brought me close to feathers.

Later I would learn you could obtain feathers from a molt, but I'm getting ahead of myself. In Las Vegas one of my best friends worked with a costume team. They created the fabulous confections for the showgirls and dancers featured in production spectacles on the Strip. The feathers that got used in those shows were fantastic. When a show was closing the costumes, feathers and all, were piled up in a heap and burned. Sometimes it was hundreds of thousands worth of stuff. The IRS might send an agent to certify the assets were destroyed. They were otherwise highly salable items. If the producers were taking a full write-off they wanted to make certain the stuff got destroyed. To think that an animal grew those glorious plumes, probably got killed in the harvest, and then burned. Too tragic.
Macaw Blizzard is coming!

That is why I think my process will attract crowd-funding. The conservation of molted feathers will have a long-term benefit of protecting avian species. It will be good for both the goose and the gander.

I know there are other artists working with feathers, but if you compare, I think you will agree the precision and choices in my technique are unique.

Why would I need funding from the crowd? It is for the validation that people care about feather rishi. Starting a new business in 2014 is a daunting prospect. I'm going to need a lot of help to reach out and find new molted feathers and to process them. Potentially millions of feathers should be recorded for feather rishi. The images will provide a vast historical record while enabling artists and designers access to the digital files for their artwork. I am still a college student. I hope I've had a great idea, but in time if a crowd of people give me the money to fund it I will have confirmation that people believe in the need and want to help fill it. And maybe then I will make a difference with my art.

This underlying scarf is called Fourth of July. You can get prints at Fine Art America. Happy Memorial Day. As I think about the soldiers who have died, I can't help but think of the birds that have died for mankind's pursuit of beauty and fashion. Feather Rishi ends all that. With modern photography and printing methods you can employ molted feathers and accomplish all the effect of the real thing. This should transform fashion and art.