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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween

Tut Spider
Sure, I want you to buy my calendar Follow Lewis Mark's board Figurative Feathers Calendar 2015 on Pinterest., but more important to me is having as many people see it as possible. The image above is of course, October. I want people to see the texture and detail you can see in feather art. They are real feathers, but molted. That means no bird was treated badly. The bird simply lost its feather seasonally and I found it. Sometimes people give me or lend me feathers from their collection. I do my best to be sure none of the birds was harmed.

The pictures I take of the plumes are then used in art to make fabrics, products, apparel, artworks. I'm especially excited about my future scarf business. By this time next year I will have received and hopefully sold my first inventory of luxurious, fine silk scarves.

Please look at my work and like it if you do. Buy it if you want to show support for a dream of saving the birds from extinction and destruction.

On a cheery note, it is Halloween and I hope you, your friends, family and loved ones have a happy one.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Christmas is coming at Feather Rishi

Figurative Feathers Calendar 2014

Hello and welcome to Feather Rishi, a safer, saner way to protect avian life from unnecessary death. My first foray into representational art was with The Feathered Om.

After the introduction of the Oms, I started working on the 2015 calendar which took almost a year to finish. The Oms had taken most of the foregoing summer.
Where am I going with Feather Rishi? Is it contemporary and abstract or is it figurative? Actually it is both. My plan is to use feathers everywhere, in places where no one ever thought of for plumes.
Halloween 2014 is upon us and I am pleased to share one page from the calendar. First above you saw the cover. This image, of course, is October 2015.
Tut SpiderBuy:
A salute to the Egyptian rishi that inspired me, this image is 100% feather art. Anyone who says feathers cannot be eco-friendly has not been paying attention to Feather Rishi.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Art Prints, Prices and Figurative Art

Bird of Paradise
My first figurative Feather Rishi was Bird of Paradise. Until I built this it was all abstract.  Then I thought about the birds that take flight and I realized that everything is possible. It all starts with a feather. The feather inspires the work. Sometimes it's figurative and sometimes abstract.

For comparison, I borrow this image:
Peacock in Flight
Thanks for this great shared photo. Please provide photographer credit. Thank you.

My most recent work is the Figurative Feathers Calendar. It's all feather art from the cover to December. I'd love to know what you think.
Nekbet from October 2015
It's all feather art.

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