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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Starting Over --Bouncing Back

What we do with our gift of life is the miracle of existence and the mystery of the space time continuum. Nothing in life is constant. We see our lives change from moment to moment, from day to day and from year to year.
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I used to be a literary agent, helping authors realize their potential. You might find any number of authors who will report I made them unexpected moneys, sometimes they would describe my efforts as windfalls. Many of those authors are now elderly and some have passed.

Pride and shame both describe my contributions as an agent. That may be the agent's lot in life. I'm proud of all the good I accomplished and ashamed that my weakness and a life threatening illness conspired in the middle stream of things to end my life as an agent. I never expected I would run out of money, lose my way.

Remorse is a lesson that is hard to learn but I have it in full measure. Of course when I rebuilt my life from ashes, I had a lot of help. It came from friends, schools, businesses, counselors, doctors, support systems that are in place for all our benefit.

Discovering I was an artist was one of life's little bonuses. As I have written on this blog before, college assessment tests revealed my potential and I decided in favor of art and graphic design as a second career path. It took a while to blend my executive skills with artistic pursuits to discover the how, what and why of my artistic aspirations. There have been so many people who have aided me. My professors and friends have been the biggest help because they have believed in my ability for my reinvention.
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My goal now goes beyond artist. I've discovered I have a mission to help protect avian life forms from the predation that is ongoing at the hands of man. We can photograph molted feathers and eventually, we will manufacture all of them from 3D printing methodologies. If I am lucky, I will vanquish the act of mutilating living birds and their corpses to gain feathers. This activity is obsolete.

Concurrently, I am launching fashion and art start-ups using my molted feather techniques. I'm learning how to collaborate at school. Partly you could say my agency failed because I was too controlling and could not bring in partners and employees to help with the work. I was afraid of failing due to their errors and in the end, that was my biggest error.

I live in a state of excitement. I now love what I do and I am constantly reaching out for opportunities to partner, to collaborate, to co-write, to co-execute the art I design and create. If birds are your thing; if you love feathers; if you love art or fashion; if you just want to get involved in something exciting, reach out.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Bird of Paradise Hits the Highway

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