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Friday, August 28, 2015

In Search of the True Panacea

Budwig's Protocol

Sam was dying of cancer when he went on an alternative treatment called Budwig's Protocol. It's easy, so easy it's deceptive, and addresses auto-immune disorders. I've written an entire essay about it, so I'm not going to write another. Visit this link if you or someone you know has cancer, arthritis, AIDS or any of the conditions that are based on immune diseases. Here you go.

No, I'm not a medical writer. I'm an artist working with the molted feathers of birds. You can read about my process on this blog. I take the molted feathers and photograph them digitally, after which, I clean them up in Photoshop. I publish the images I make on apparel, many other products and I even have a calendar I call the Figurative Feathers Calendar. Here is the September page:
 Buy the calendar here

Thank you for visiting this blog. Save the feathers, save the birds!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Phishing or Not? Who Knows?

Today I got an email from Amazon that seemed fine. It was advertising their scholarship program which sounded great to me. As a full time college student, every opportunity to apply for a scholarship is welcome. This was a generous one and there will be at least fifty winners so I was excited. Long story short. I examined the return address of the message. I always do, especially when they purport to come from a big corporation we have come to know and trust. The return email address was normal. It included When I clicked it opened a secure page. The padlock was there in the corner and the URL began Https. so far so good.

I used the apply now link and it opened a screen to join Amazon Student which would entitle me to Prime. That sounded okay, but as a member of Amazon for ten years, and already signed up for Prime, was I eligible? I decided to call Amazon and find out so a few screens later, I was clicking the link that would have Amazon call me back. This was all normal until the customer service rep told me Amazon has no scholarship program. Huh? She also said Amazon has no program to give money. Her name was Coco. I received two emails from her confirming this.

I expect she was wrong because it all was consistent with professional contact with But was she wrong?

Survey requests come in all the time. They come frequently after speaking with customer service reps at this or that company. I spoke with Adobe this week. A short time later I received a survey request from them from this email address: Huh?

Do you think I would even consider clicking on that link? Not a chance.

I expect it was legitimate, but why take the risk?

There is software that can log your keystrokes.

When we are on the web doing what we do we are often vulnerable.

If a nefarious agent records your keystrokes, they can access passwords,

account information. Who knows what?

That is why you should always do your shopping, banking and sensitive activity

in the incognito windows. Every browser has them these days. So you sometimes

have to type a little more, the peace of mind is priceless.