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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Feather Rishi

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 December 2015

Red Bird on White Firs

A portion of all profits goes to avian rescues and benefits.

The calendar season is upon us. I hope you are intrigued by this image. It's all feather art, even the sky. That little red bird is hopefully a symbol of the coming summer when everything is in bloom and possible. It's been exciting seeing people grow in their awareness of the threats birds face. Acquaintances are more and more conscious of where they got a feather. They now start to ask if a bird was harmed.

My goal in choosing feathers is to festoon every surface with a new kind of color and paint. Photography and digital tools make this possible.

Feathers dance on the canvas in shimmering shapes and impossible hues. 

Happy Thanksgiving
Wishing you and the ones you love a beautiful holiday.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

BeFeathered Has a New YouTube Video

Lewis Mark Grimes at his desk
I just completed a video I want to share with you

Making this video was hard. I guess most people who make videos have these complaints, but here's my saga, all the same. I had hopes of using my iPad Air to make a video until the grant committee chairman told me it had to be close to seven minutes long. The iPad takes lovely but short videos and it didn't seem conducive. A friend had a camera she was willing to loan me. It sounded like a good idea but when I got the device it was twenty years old and had no way to transfer to a computer. I thanked her and returned it. I had recently bought a Cube from Polaroid, but I truly have a hard time taking it seriously. It operates entirely from one button. Well, anyway, it perches on my desk lamp looking exactly like a spy cam.

I decided to order a new camera with some of the money the first stage of the grant had advanced me. Logitech called it the C920 and when Amazon shipped it, I was grateful it looked simple, plug and play, etc. I had to download Adobe Premiere Pro from my Cloud subscription. I have a laptop so I serendipitously downloaded to both that and my desk PC. I also have an iMac I've been using to fabricate my art images. I made an animation last year on it and it worked out pretty well, so I made the unfortunate decision to shoot my video on my laptop and simply move the files to the iMac with a flash drive. Ulp.

The video looked fine. See the photo above? That's a selfie I shot with the same setup. I put the videos on the iMac and they immediately pixelated or something strange and they looked godawful. I was vexed and running out of time. I decided to take the still slides from my slide deck which was my original production and all I thought I needed. I would excerpt stills from the videos of myself as a talking head, cut it all together into a brilliant video and voila.

Unfortunately...I hated the results. It was static and boring. I was desperate. It was the 11th hour and I thought I had a lemon from Logitech. I called their tech support which wasn't easy but I did get through. Susan listened to my dilemma and then she said, " you moved the video footage to a Mac, you say?"
"Well there's your problem. This camera is only compatible with the PC Platform of Windows.

I despaired. But finally I understood what had been holding me up for days. I highly recommend the C920 but not if you're a Mac user. I cut the film on my desktop and I hope you like the results on the link below the photo of me.

Things are evolving and I expect to have more news soon. Please save feathers to save birds.

I hope as you think of Christmas, you will think of Feather Rishi, BeFeathered and visit my shops and web sites.

Thank you and happy holidays.

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