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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Life's Work

My Upside Down Life

Not everyone has as much to be grateful for as me. That knowledge deeply moves me. I got to enjoy a childhood in Alaska, for instance. Back then oil was suspected but not yet discovered. I learned to drive before I was a teenager and ran circles in the ice with heavy equipment. I would plow into snow-banks that were taller than me. I credit my parents for having the vision to take my late brother and me to the wide open spaces under the northern lights.

Mom was a serial spouse collector. I won't judge her. You can see why she was successful:
I followed her to Las Vegas as a teen, but chose at fifteen to live alone. It wasn't much of a stretch. Although I was in high school, the hotels in Vegas provided a handy income to a service assistant in luxurious restaurants that catered to gamblers in the casinos. Alright, full disclosure. I was a busboy at several establishments. However my greatest achievement in food service was that I was made the Coffee Boy at the Tropicana's Patio Room. That tray I carried with silver pots was very heavy. I lied to all my customers. Why not? They usually had a stack of chips in front of them and I ain't talking potato here. I told them I was supporting Mom while working my way through college. It was quite unusual if I couldn't receive a $5 chip for my inventions. It was easy money.

But I didn't really go to college back then. Instead, I'm in college now! That is why the law permits me to use the photos of others in my student projects. This blog is a student project too. At ASU I major in entrepreneurship and Graphic Information Technology, my two favorites. I have a long road to travel to reach my masters degree; today I tell the truth about who I am and what I am doing. My life's mission has become a dedication to avian life. Explore this on other blogs in this thread or elsewhere in my links.

to be continued
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